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Committed to crafting immersive experiences that resonates with the audience, our expertise spans over various disciplines, from print media to film and photos to spatial design. In today's world, where every word is also a brand, it is no longer about the product or the service but also about the way it is communicated to the user. We believe that we can build or transform your brand's perception, both in the tangible space and the digital landscape.

Our Approach

We are what we do.


Embracing collaboration as our cornerstone, we try to think through and merge various disciplines, ensuring every project benefits from different ideas and approaches. 


Our ethos revolves around explorations, experimentations, and pushing boundaries. We celebrate various perspectives fostering an environment where ideas converge to create impactful outcomes.

Meet the Team

We function on a mix of shenanigans, laughter,

and copious amounts of food.


Aakash Selvan

Powers : Capturing Light, Megamind

Weaknesses : Has the attention span of a goldfish. Will cease to exist if Biryani is not consumed at least once in every 3 meals.


Dev Abishek

Powers : Cinematography, Quick Feet

Weaknesses : Takes feedback seriously, resulting in two edits - one for personal satisfaction and the other for the client's.


Jamila Habib

Powers : Storytelling, Illustrating

Weaknesses : Takes deadlines more seriously than clients. Can't function without to-do lists and desserts.

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